Meet The Owners

Della Miller, CMCA, AMS, PCAM – Owner, President, CEO

Della has over fifteen years of experience working with large-scale community associations, including associations with over 7,100 members. As a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®), through Community Associations Institute, Della has completed hundreds of hours in specialized training in the many aspects of association management and has demonstrated her extensive knowledge in all of these fields. With a background in Business administration, Della has successfully guided community associations through the business of operating their corporations, as well as having built a successful management business. Della has worked extensively in the development of Architectural Control and Review programs, Community Activities and Involvement programs, Budget Analysis and Planning, Community Governance, Developer Liaisons, Owner Relations and Board Member Education; all of which have advanced and enhanced the communities Della has worked with…

Russ Mitchell, CMCA, AMS, PCAM – Owner, Vice President, COO

Russ began his career in multi-family property management in 1982, after graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Russ transitioned his career into community association management in 1999. Having earned the designation of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®) in 2009, Russ has developed specialized skills in facilities management, Community Services, Budget Preparation, Risk Management, Reserves Management, Architectural Control and Review and Community Activities. Focusing on the responsibilities of Community Services and Facilities Management, Russ has worked with large-scale
communities to develop programs enhancing the “Community” experience and protecting the assets of the communities he has served. In working with communities to develop budgeting processes and financial review, Russ has worked to identify cost-saving and tracking methods, ensuring the financial stability and health their members demand



Senior Management

As co-owners of Missouri Association Management, LLC, Della Miller and Russ Mitchell have worked diligently to enhance the management experience of the large-scale communities their firm serves. Working with association Boards, Committees, Membership and Developers, as well as working with governing municipalities and State regulatory agencies, Della and Russ have demonstrated their expertise in the myriad of requirements large-scale communities face. Our staff of professionally trained individuals has extensive backgrounds in the areas of expertise they serve. Della and Russ are two of only seven individuals in the state of Missouri to hold the designation of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®).

Maintaining the PCAM designation requires many hours of continuing education on an annual basis. Missouri Association Management is the only management company in the state of Missouri that can state that both principal owners are so designated.  Our strong philosophy of “Family” extends beyond our staff of professionals to include the communities we serve.